Moondrop Blessing 2 – Unboxing


The packaging here is similar to its big brother S8, with the only difference, being the anime girl and the naming on their outer sleeves. Accessories and cable-wise, it was the same as the S8 as well. It was simple yet still elegant. Definitely a step up from their previous version, in my opinion.

In the box:

  • Faux Leather Case
  • 4-Braid 6N OFC Litz Copper Cable
  • 6 Pairs of silicone eartips (S, M, L)
  • Travel/airline adaptor
  • Manuals & QC card

Built & Fit:


Blessing 2’s shell is made of transparent 3D printed medical-grade UV resin, while the faceplate was made out of CNC stainless steel with the Blessing 2 logo engraved on it. It was a well-made shell for sure, as it feels very solid and premium on the hand. But most importantly, you can have a custom engraving with the waifu of your choice on the empty faceplate as well now.

This combination makes the shell become heavier and bigger. So if you have a smaller ear, you might have some fit issues. But if you have a bigger ear like me, once you put them on your ear, you’ll not feel any pain or discomfort thanks to the ergonomics of the semi-custom shape design they have. It will be very comfortable and secure on the ear as if you are wearing a CIEM. I have been wearing them for around 5-6 hours a day and I never felt any fatigue so far. With their fitting, it makes their isolation very good too.

However, they are still going to protrude from your ear due to their bulkiness, so they couldn’t be used for sleeping.

One small note, the nozzle is slightly bigger than normal size, even from Starfield and it has no lips. So if you want to use smaller bore tips, they might slip off if you didn’t put them in the correct way.

Cable & Eartips

To be honest, I quite like the Litz cable. They are good-looking, and have a better feeling than the one included on Starfield (they made some modifications to the colour of the cable, but it was the same litz cable). The shorter 2-pin connector used also didn’t extend too much like aftermarket cables, and with that, the memory wire still can fully wrap around your ear. But having no chin slider, and using plastic-based connectors and a jack makes it a letdown for me.

If they can give an 8-braid version of the cable with a better jack and a chin slider, I’m pretty sure they can beat most of their competitors in this department.

The stock eartips aren’t bad either and they are different than the sets included on Starfield. They are still narrow bore tips, but a bit wider and have a different cone. The cone on Blessing 2’s tips is thinner and longer, while on Starfield’s, the tips are thicker and shorter. I used them for some time before I changed it to Sedna Light.

Carrying Case

The grey case is pretty big and looks luxurious too, similar to the Dignis Arca case. It can fit up to two cables at the same time (stock + my ISN s8) but they can’t be pocketed. Other than that, they do their job very well to protect the IEMs & the accessories inside.

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