Moondrop Starfield – Unboxing


The box was clearly simpler than its predecessor, the KXXS. It was a rectangular-shaped box with an outer sleeve that features a silhouette of an anime girl staring at the star-filled sky as the front cover and the dissection of the dynamic driver used on the IEM at the back.

In the box:

  • Round EVA case
  • 6 Pairs of silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • 4-Braid 6N OFC Litz Copper Cable
  • 3 Pairs of replacement filters
  • Tweezers for filter replacement
  • Manual book & QC card

Built & Fit:


“They are beautiful as heck!” Is all I can say about the Starfield when I saw them for the first time.

I think they are the most eye-catching universal fit IEM I have ever seen since I joined this community. It had caught my attention since a member of the community here reposted the Starfield’s picture from the Moondrop’s boss back at the end of October/early November last year and since then, I never wanted to miss a single update on them.

Utilizing the same material and shape as its brother, the KXXS, Starfield may look pretty heavy to the ears for some users. However, in my case, I never felt that way. They are very comfortable and sit very well on my ear without any problem including driver flex issues. I had tried to wear them as long as I could & I still didn’t get any fatigue from it. This is because they would just disappear into your ear and you’ll not notice them much after that like the resin-based housing IEMs. They also seal pretty well once you insert them into your ear since their shell is medium-sized and they’ll not protrude too much from the ear.

But what I liked the most was the coating Moondrop did on the housing. It made them look like a gem. The glittery blue coating that could change colours when you exposed them to the light is just gorgeous, and not to mention, the big gold star on the left piece and their name on the right.

Cable & Eartips

For the stock cable, it was another one of the shortcomings that I have on Starfield aside from the lack of accessories. It wasn’t because of the colour, but rather from the quality of the cable that was pretty much under-qualified for this price range.

The supplied cable is very thin and light, as well as the use of plastic for their jack and the 2-pin’s male housing, made them feel very fragile. The absence of a chin slider may also become one of the factors people will not use the stock cable when they received their Starfield even when the colour matches very well with the IEM.

The stock eartips are okayish to me. Still usable but because they are narrow bores tips, which will have the tendency to add some boost to the bass frequency and lower the higher frequency, I decided to use the short SednaEarfit Light instead.

Carrying Case:

They are made from EVA material, pretty small but they definitely can fit the IEM and are easy to bring around or keep in the pocket.

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